Saturday, August 20, 2011

ADHD and food

I've long thought that ADD/ADHD was influenced by diet.  I notice when I eat 'wrong' I lose focus and get more irritable, and have always suspected a link.  Click HERE to read an article that supports it!

I'm not in total agreement with the article.  For example, several breakfast ideas are suggested.  Many of the options would have LOTS of hidden sugar, including the pancakes, yogurt, and granola.  Just be sure to read labels!  Simple carbs magnify ADHD.  Simple carbs include white bread and pastas, sugar, and potatoes.  You MUST read labels, because sugar is in most deli meet, sauces, dressings, cereals, yogurt, and many canned goods.  Corn syrup, pure kane sugar, brown sugar, and honey are more things to watch out for.

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