Monday, July 11, 2011

ADD and ADHD - the myths and facts explored

Is it possible that you or a loved one has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)?  First of all, allow me to dispel a common myth.  ADD/ADHD is not simply a problem of not being able to focus.  It's much more complicated than that.  It's more like a syndrome that affects your ability to manage your focus.  So while those with ADD/ADHD may have a hard time focusing, they may also have a hard time stopping an activity they are really interested in.  Another major part of ADD/ADHD that many don't realize is the short term and working memory problems.  Things are easily forgotten and lost, and it is hard to hold information in the brain long enough to work out problems.  This is why many with ADD/ADHD have problems working out complex problems, reading, thinking about consequences, learning from mistakes and punishment, etc.  This is related to their executive function deficits, which make them impulsive, unorganized, irresponsible, and poor at planning.  One author described ADD/ADHD as a condition that rendered you unable to be affected by your past or future, but only by the present.  That is why those with ADHD/ADD may 'do the easy, fun thing' in the moment, and not think about consequences or outcomes. Fortunately, this condition has been extensively studied and written about, and there are many things that can be done to help those with ADD/ADHD compensate for their shortcomings.  If you would like to make an online appointment with me, please feel free to email me.  I offer online and telephone counseling to give suggestions about how to better manage ADD/ADHD.  For more information, visit

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